Uriwell Portable Unisex Travel Urinal


The Uriwell Portable Unisex Urinal

The Uriwell Portable Travel Urinal is a simple to use personal toilet for male or female use. This urination device is very flexible, bending so that it can be used from any position — standing, lying or sitting with no spilling. The portable urinal is supplied with an anti-spill and anti-odor cap for optimum hygiene The collapsible design allows the device to be reduced to the size of a soft drink can, but when expanded has a capacity of 750ml.

  • Flexible design so that it can be used while standing, sitting or lying down
  • Ideal sanitary device for anyone who is bed-bound, has limited mobility, or even stuck in a traffic
  • Generous 750ml capacity
  • The travel urinal contracts down to the size of a drink can for storage
  • Air-tight seal to prevent unpleasant odors after use and prevent spills